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Instructional Resource Center

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Instructional Resource Center (IRC)?


What is the Instructional Resource Center (IRC)?

The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) at NMSBVI’s main campus in Alamogordo serves as a statewide lending resource for braille and large print textbooks, as well as other specialized equipment used by students with visual impairments.

  • central lending library for all school districts in New Mexico
  • distributor of American Printing House for the Blind (APH) materials
  • source for braille transcription needs for students statewide


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What is the New Mexico Repository (NMR)?

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NMSBVI voluntarily houses an inventory of braille and large-print textbooks purchased by local schools who then generously make them available to other New Mexico students through the NMR.  Many of these materials can be loaned to schools for eligible students at no cost to the school or student. (The NMR only accepts complete textbooks.  No fictional reading material or worksheets can be accepted.)




Braille Production & Large Print Services

NMSBVI’s Braille Production Department employs three certified Braille transcribers.  The department fills requests to transcribe textbooks, documents, classroom learning materials, literary books (with publisher permission), and tactile graphics.  All of these projects are extremely time consuming and labor-intensive.  Textbooks are prioritized above other projects and all projects are scheduled on a first come-first served basis.



What is NMVICount?

Students who qualify for APH and supplemental materials through NM-IRC are registered and managed through NMVICount, a statewide database website through which NM-IRC materials can be ordered. 



For more information on the IRC or NMR:

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Mary Vaughn

Program Coordinator