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NMSBVI Instructional Resource Center (IRC) and the New Mexico Repository (NMR).

New IRC Forms! Please note that the IRC's online forms have been recently restructured. Forms can be printed, filled out, then faxed; or they can be filled in electronically and then emailed as an attachment from your school-sanctioned email address.


Available Downloads:

IRC Equipment & Supply Order Form (For Public Schools Only) 
IRC Equipment & Supply Order Form (For NMSBVI Staff Only)
MDB – ​FDB Form
Textbook Request Form 
Supplemental Registration Form 
NM Repository Book Form
Braille Production

Braille Production Request Form (Staff & Community)
Braille Production Request Form (Inclusion)

2022 - 2023 APH Instructional Catalog


New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (formerly NMSVH) has for many years operated an Instructional Resource Center (IRC) on the school's main campus to help provide educational materials for students with visual impairments statewide. In addition, it also now houses the New Mexico Repository, consisting of textbooks in Braille and large print contributed by schools from throughout New Mexico.
Access to appropriate educational materials is essential in meeting the needs of students with visual impairments, and many of these materials can be loaned to schools for eligible students at no cost to the school or student.


What is the NMSBVI IRC?

The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) at New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (NMSBVI) serves as a statewide lending resource for Braille and large print textbooks, as well as other specialized equipment used by students with visual impairments.
Each year, books and equipment from the IRC are loaned to schools for use by qualifying students, and then returned to the IRC to be used again by other students. This stretches educational dollars used to purchase these expensive items, and makes more textbooks available to students in a timely manner for use in their local educational agencies.


What is the New Mexico Repository?

As a part of the effort to make more books available to schools, and to help local educational agencies stretch their special education dollars, NMSBVI voluntarily houses the newly-established New Mexico Repository (NMR).
The NMR inventory of titles consists of Braille and large print textbooks purchased by schools that have used them and then generously made them available for other students in New Mexico. Please note that the NMR can accept only complete textbooks, not worksheets or fictional reading material.


Available Videos:

Cleaning the Perkins Braille Writer

How to Load & Unload paper in a braille writer


Instructional Resource Center (IRC)
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