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Health Services

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NMSBVI’s Healthcare Services:

NMSBVI is very proud to provide on-site health services to our students on both campuses.  The goal of the Health Services department is to provide coordinated, accessible health and mental services for students, families, and staff, in order to apprise, protect, and promote health. 



Health Services:

  • administer medication

  • provide emergency care for illness or injury

  • prevent and control communicable disease, infection, and other health problems

  • provide optimum sanitary conditions for a safe school facility and environment

  • provide screenings

  • monitor students’ heights and weights

  • ensure access or referral to primary health, and behavioral health services (or both)

  • provide referral to primary

  • foster appropriate use of primary and behavioral health services

  • provide educational and counseling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family, and community health

  • support students and their families in IEPs




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Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC):

SHAC committees are required at all public schools in New Mexico.  Important team members in this collaboration include the school board members, administrators, school nurses, school health assistants, teachers, counselors, food services staff, and staff at school-based health centers.  Any parents or community members that are interested in becoming a member of NMSBVI SHAC are invited to contact Health Services Supervisor and SHAC Chairperson, Kimberly Gilliland.

NMSBVI Nurse checking the height of a student.

The New Mexico Coordinated School Health Model includes the following nine components:

    1. Nutrition

    2. Physical Education and Activity

    3. Family, School and Community Partnerships

    4. Health Education

    5. Life Skills

    6. Healthy and Safe Environment

    7. Social and Emotional Well-Being

    8. School Health Services

    9. Staff Wellness

Contact Health Services Supervisor and SHAC Chairperson, Kimberly Gilliland

An image of Kimberly Gililland

Kimberly Gililland

Health Services Supervisor