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March Week 4

Teen Reader

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

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About the Author

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

Nathaniel Hawthorne, (born July 4, 1804, Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.—died May 19, 1864, Plymouth, New Hampshire), American novelist and short-story writer who was a master of the allegorical and symbolic tale. One of the greatest fiction writers in American literature, he is best known for The Scarlet Letter (1850) and The House of the Seven Gables (1851).


The Scarlet Letter (1851)

An "A" for "adultery" marks Hester Prynne as an outcast from the society of colonial Boston. Although forced by the puritanical town fathers to wear a bright red badge of shame, Hester steadfastly resists their efforts to discover the identity of her baby's father. The return of her long-absent spouse brings new pressure on the young mother, as the aggrieved husband undertakes a long-term plot to reveal Hester's partner in adultery and force him to share her disgrace. (From

Questions for The Scarlet Letter

Is Hester Prynne an admirable character? Why or why not? How does Hester evolve through the course of the story?


How do we learn the true character of Roger Chillingworth? Is he believable as a villain?


Is Arthur Dimmesdale an admirable character? How would you describe him and his relationship with Hester?


What does Pearl symbolize? How is her name significant?


What is the significance of Pearl not recognizing Hester without her scarlet 'A'

What are some symbols in The Scarlet Letter? How do they relate to the plot and characters?

Does the story end the way you expected? What's significant about the novel's ending?

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