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2022 - 2023 Photo Gallery

NMSBVI 2022-2023 Events and Student life


  • Old Campus Students on berms
  • Students walk together outside in front of the library.
  • A student holds up an erlenmeyer flask close to her face to see the liquid inside
  • A student uses a small gardening shovel and rake to work the soil in a bin
  • Students feel a tactile artwork on the wall in the Linda Lyle Administration Building as Braille Instructor Shan Hendrix tells them about the artwork
  • Elementary class self portraits
  • A student walks hand in hand with Registered Nurse Eva J. Gonzales as they head down the dune
  • A student smiles as he holds the American flag
  • A student rides a tricycle outside.
  • Students work with Life Skills Instructor Datha Peters.
  • Music Instructor Carlos Cuellar plays the guitar as he leads students to sing.
  • NMSBVI Rose Garden Statue
  • Students look closely at a large screen that is coming from a projected image from a microscope to collect data for their science lab.
  • Students try out assistive technology devices as a representative from Nano Pac Inc watches
  • Students  smile as they hold their certificates and gift cards for a group photo.
  • Students in the Tech Lab wearing headphones and using computers
  • West face of the Linda Lyle Administration Building.
  • Students  ride tricycles outside
  • A student works on his white cane skills with Orientation & Mobility Instructor Ron Later
  • Jack Hall Building on left and WEC on right with sunset
  • Soccer in P.E. class