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2018 - 2019 Photo Gallery

NMSBVI 2018-2019 Events and Student life

  • Group photo of the students, families and staff for Family Weekend
  • Students and staff during whitecane day.
  • Elementary class sing, The Seven Continents Song as each of them wear a card board cutout of a continent.
  • A uses the keyboard to play the Mexican Hat Dance for the 2019 Talent Show
  • Orientation & Mobility Specialist staff works the lift on the bus to get a student loaded on the bus
  • A student using her white cane to navigate around campus
  • A student places a clamp on the  wood cutting board he is making
  • A student sits at her table with her science project.
  • A student about to roll the ball during a goalball game in Texas
  • A-student-and-staff-member-doing-orientation-and-mobility-practice
  • The-NMSBVI-Superintendent working with a student on a marshmellow and uncooked spaghetti construction
  • Old Campus Students on berms
  • A student looking through a microscope
  • A Student poses for a photo with the Golden Bear
  • The NMSBVI Golden-Bear at the 2016 Christmas Parade
  • A student bowling at the Holloman Air Force Base bowling alley
  • A Student in the Linda Lyle Buidling to trick or treat dressed as a skeleton
  • The Seniors and guest speakers on stage Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
  • A Student hunts for Easter eggs
  • A student  feels the paw of a taxidermy wolf