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NMSBVI Vision Bee

“Noah is Spinning and Sophia is Sleeping...”

A Vision Bee is dedicated to imparting the latest information regarding teaching students who have visual impairments. A Vision Bee is appropriate for parents, families, teachers, service providers, social workers and anyone who is interested in increasing their skills in regards to serving students with visual impairments. Registration is free. You may register using the Google form found on this webpage.

Workshop Overview:

Presenters will include: Millie Smith, M. ED; Andrea Montaño, MA, OT/L, DS III; Audrey Bergen, OTR/L; Kristy Bates, MA; Michelle Chacon, MA, COMS, TSVI; Mary Vaughn, MA, TSVI; and Ron Later, COMS, TSVI.

Please join us for a Vision Bee Training as we offer examples of ways to build relationships and work with students wherever they are operating. Millie Smith will offer examples of approaches that have produced a significant amount of growth for severe/profound learners who are blind over a period of time. There will be “in the trenches” examples of practitioners working with the students in the moment while optimizing the neurological and sensory experience. Examples of collaboration with others including therapists, orientation and mobility specialists, teachers and parents will be provided and videos will be used to show learning situations where teaching & collaboration has occurred over weeks & months. Other training highlights that will be covered include:

• Getting the students ready to do the learning
• Educating the team to get in the place where good learning can occur
• Learner behaviors that may occur and the impact on learning
• How to use a sensory diet and create a feel good menu
• Developing a sensory routine
• The importance of having an emotional connection with the learner
• How to avoid fight, flight or freeze responses from learners
• How to read learner cues and respond consistently to help them grow


Who should attend? General education & special education teachers, parents, therapists, early intervention providers, and educational assistants. This is a free training. Zoom links will be provided for registered participants.